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Breaking up is hard to do …

Don’t know if astrology is any good but it has something to do with my life always when there is a mercury goes retrograde or eclipse.  Maybe there is something to say about astrology.  The Chinese are experts in telling your fortune through your hands and your face.  If this is the case is there really free will as we are led to believe?

From the event happening in my life I must say there are some sign posts for us to recognize and to do what we said we would do before we were born.  Now this is a completely controversial topic about reincarnation but I am a firm believer in that.  I do not feel having one life is enough.  It would contradict everything I’ve read and learned in my own life. What is about the law of cause and effect? What you sown so shall you reap? What if you kill millions of people and you get away free? One life isn’t enough to do justice.  What’s about having born blind and disfigured? What can you learn about that vs being born beautiful and rich? So you have to come back and learn different aspects of being. This makes sense to me.

Ok now we are back to breaking up is hard to do – yes it is and here is the one final clue. When do you know to call it quits and when you hangs on for life? Being committed to someone or to a cause has its benefits.  Good things come to those who wait. If you’ve invested a lot of time and efforts into your relationship but it is not as perfect as you would like perhaps you want to work it out with that person.  However if you have to think like that it is no good.  You don’t have to justify for your decision to leave. When it is done from the heart it is the right time and the right thing to do.

In search for a tiny RV …

31942795Well not sure why but I dream of owning a tiny Rv but has everything inside.. like bathroom, kitchen, sofa etc. everything is way too big and over budget.  I looked roadtrek and it seems the length as well as the items inside looking great. I thought of buying myself another car but maybe I just get small RV and just drive it work – and park somewhere.

I feel sometimes lost a little bit thinking now that I am or soon to be alone in this world – I only have a small dog to be my family. Honestly I have family but they are so scattered that it is of no used.

Well the price is outrageous and my pocket is not deep enough yet. So I guess I have to stay where I am at until I save more money. Sometimes not sure about you but having more money does represent some kind of freedom.

Still I call out to the universe .. please send me a new tiny RV … like $5000.00 and less :) ha … what do you think?

Working at Medical Spa

5350218-1669x2513My previous job was at a medical spa in West Palm beach.  The doctor in charge was a nice woman and her husband is running the show. I learned so much about how to make my skin beautiful. Something about collagen production and injectable fillers. Well I was explained by the doctor one day that botox is actually wrinkles relaxer – it is not really like collagen injection but some kind of solution to freeze that area of your face so you won’t pinch your face too much. Some people just did it and they did not even consciously know they did it. So over time the crease was getting deeper and deeper.

For one I was happy to see there are alternatives to make myself looking young when I am reaching the wrinkles stage. Well at this time I probably need a little bit face re contouring- somewhere in my jaw line I saw the lines aren’t smooth and sharp any more.  A friend of mine decided to create medical spa directory it is called “med spa in jupiter fl“. I liked it.

Today I am working at another job and I really like it alot.  The guy who is my supervisor is a very talkative kind of guy. well i just sat there and did my job. It’s ok I guess. I got paid almost $2200 more than my last job at the health spa. I was happy to get away. It had become headaches going to work literally.

New Job Offered Boca Raton

Toy building blocks.

Whoa worry is over for now – I got a job offer doing what I love.  How good is that? But having been up and down lately I reserve sometimes before celebrating.  My last job was kind of fun and then all hell breaks lose like they said.  Got a nightmarish juice bar attendant who has tremendous problem with taking orders or thinking she is taking orders from anybody but the bosses – Yes we had two bosses … We are talking about some kind of emotional drama here.  Well now she is having a new person to work with and man not sure I want to be there as power struggle is probably tremendous.  Well what comes around comes around ya know. I only know that I felt fuck up to go to work there. So I stayed home. The whole time I was praying for guidance. Should I just hold my breath and endure and get paid? Well apparently I could not.  But this job is amazing.  I will have lots of things to do and that is just the way I like it.  I work very well under pressure and I love what I am doing and so – I am happy to get a job to further my career. Who stole my milk today? nobody – thanks God.

But just to let you know if this is making any difference at all and that I am a vegan. I love plant based diet. It does wonderful thing to my skin and my overall temperament.  So maybe I should address who stole my vegan milk today?

Get Starbuck coffee and this coffee is at a Starbuck in broward mall I think.  Let’s me tell you not all star buck coffees are equaled.  This one is actually very very good. Of all the starbuck coffee I’ve been too this one is making the top 10 list. The rest well I felt like they just stole my money.

Who is stealing your milk today?

What is on your plate today?


Getting back from a group meditation in Orlando Florida.  The sky was blue and we were driving back to Fort Lauderdale in silence. The weather in South Florida is always nice.  The people in South Florida??? not sure — Many comes to this sunshine state to enjoy the warm weather.  My mom and dad are living in St Louis Missouri and today they called us and complained how cold it was. A friend who is living in Chicago Illinois was having the same problem. Are we experiencing with the global warming? Maybe we are.  Today in our group meditation we’ve heard some unpleasant news.  Our group header is going to leave us soon and we won’t have any successor.  So it is now or never we must meditate deeply and well.

Now that I am writing to this line I am just wondering who stole my milk today? I guess today the person to blame is just the way life is.  Sometimes you feel good and sometimes you feel bad.  Others will be standing by to steal your milk if you let it. I am a strong believer in being your brother’s keeper and that means if I don’t want my milk to be stolen I better hid it.

Having a blog is difficult to keep up much less to write till your bones are tired and wary and perhaps somebody who will come through here by way of the world wide web to give me their 2 cents and then 2 more cents from another stranger and then when it is reached the epic success of millions visitors a day I will then sell my advertising space.

Is life all about making money and/or achieving temporary happiness? I am not sure sometimes. It feels to me as if everyday I am laboring over my pc writing something meaningful to my own existence just to get it off my chest but you know writing is sometimes so soul soothing especially the day like today when someone you love very much will soon leaving this world of mine forever.  Granted that person is not gone as if you would believe my dog died few months ago and he chat with me all the time – especially the first 7 days after his death. I could hear him telling me – mommy after 7 days you will feel better. Yes I did and the subsequent conversations with an animal communicator who told me details he would not have known telling me that our soul lives on … Honestly I don’t really care if you believe me or not because if you don’t no matter what I said you will still not believe in me. I know for certain fact as real to me as the words I am writing to you now … that we never die. We just transform either into ethereal body or physical body. Nevertheless I could not bring myself to put his bed away.  My love for my dog lives on forever in my heart.

Today yes someone is stealing my milk alright -